Crème de Cocoa

90% Dark Chocolate

So its Valentine’s Day again and you know that means chocolate (not to mention lingerie ;)). But my wife would kill me if I took the time to write a blog on this day, so I’ll only give you links to some interesting web articles on chocolate, in no particular order:

  1. The 5 Best Dark Chocolate Bars in the World
  2. The Super Powers of Cocoa
  3. Dark chocolate lowers high blood pressure
  4. Chocolate – The Bittersweet treat
  5. Chocolate may provide heart health benefits, study finds
  6. Healthy Eating & Diet
  7. Chocolate: the other vitamin C
  8. Chocolate goodness
  9. The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
  10. 5 (Super) Foods You Should Eat


Happy Valentine’s Day,


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