Ultimate Paleo Pad Thai

The spiciness of the chili with the flavour of the almond butter makes this protein rich dish a favourite in my household.  Depending on your personal preference you might need to adjust the heat level.

4 Servings


  • 3 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Butter
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6 thoughts on “Ultimate Paleo Pad Thai

  1. Is there a substitute for the thai basil? I don’t’ think I can get it around here 😦

  2. Oh yes, this one’s a keeper! I tried the recipe tonight, my lips are burning and my nose is running, but it tasted SO amazing! I think you nailed the complex combination of flavors. Thanks for the recipe! (btw, my husband is jealous that he can’t take the left overs to work tomorrow. They’re ALL mine!)

  3. This is a good little website, I can not believe I didn’t find it earlier!

    • Thanks,

      However I’m in the process of moving. My new blog site is Paleo Advocate at christianjax.ca, unfortunately just working the bugs out of that one. We’re also opening a Paleo store at Urbancaveman.ca, both are under some construction. The follow us buttons aren’t even working yet. But I will post it on this site, once the transformation is complete!

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