Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

If you’re going to have green drinks tonight the experts say the food coloring for one day shouldn’t hurt you, but if you’re looking for a substitute try

one of these ideas. What about some nice Irish Whisky, supposedly Jamison Whiskey is gluten-free.

Here are some links to some Paleo friendly Irish dishes:

Irish Boxty

Paleo Irish Soda Bread


Irish Stew


Paleo Corned Beef & Cabbage


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2 thoughts on “Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

  1. r. says:

    hi chris,

    have you tried to make that soda bread? I went to the link, but the two commenters there said they tried it and unfortunately it did not work out. they seemed to agree that coconut flour is more absorbent/dense than wheat flour, so more liquid might be called for to make that recipe work. When you try to make it, let me know what alterations you made to it. I think the big challenge with primal-izing any type of baking is that baking is a mathmatical concept. One has to balance the wet, dry, leavening, etc. I wish I had the mathmatical answer to the soda bread issue for you.

    happily, drinks-wise, cider has no gluten and is a lovely St Patty’s day treat 🙂


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