About Christian Jax

Who is Christian Jax?

Genealogically speaking, I come from a long line of Hunter-gatherers in the Palaeolithic era (as we all did). Our diet consisted of grass-eating meats, free ranging fowl and wild fish. Since we are Omnivores, we also ate fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds.

Fast forward to the 21st century…

I’ve always been a skinny kid and during this time I’ve had both active and sedentary periods throughout my childhood all the while eating what I wanted, when I wanted. Like many children, my metabolism was high and to date (in my 40s) still seems to be high. I have no doubt my genetic makeup has partial play in this. I still can eat what I want and gaining weight hasn’t been an issue for me (yes I’m one of those people). My family is generally long and lean as is my father who is in his 60s. However there are still the odd member who is overweight at an obviously unhealthy level.

Since my teenage years to late 20s, I actively competed in the high intensity sport of pugilism. No doubt my training helped to keep my 6′ 1″ frame at a lean 165 pound fighter. However my first romance was still food, so much that I became an apprentice in the food industry, completed my culinary training at Niagara College in the spring of 1995 and wrote my ticket and worked as a chef in the fine dining area of the industry.

A career transition began in 1998, when I joined the Canadian Forces, where I continued to stay fit. About this time I retired from the competition of pugilism, turning to a mix of weight training and cardio, as a result I bulked up to about 185 pounds (at my height still healthy and lean). In 2008, I was introduced to the sport of CrossFit from some of my military co-workers. CrossFit gave me back that high intensity workout that I missed from my beloved pugilistic sport, I was hooked!

Moving ahead to 2011, I was given the chance to attend and thus completed my certification course of CrossFit Level 1 Trainers (CF-L1). The instructors were excellent, the course was well structured and informative and my level of knowledge had improved. However when we pushed on to the nutrition section (yes it’s covered in their curriculum) what I thought I knew about GRAINS, was conflicting with their doctrine and irritated me to the point that I was in complete disagreement with this newly presented science of this bad carb that causes leaky gut, as I now believe.

This is my new journey of my continuing romance of my love of good food! I do disclaim, I am not a doctor, so do your own research and to quote one of my fellow bloggers – ” this blog provides links to external sites. I have no control over the content or quality or updating of those sites. Proceed at your own risk. I’ve been told never to listen to bloggers.”

Use your primal instinct!


2 thoughts on “About Christian Jax

  1. Laurie says:

    I read some of this site and i happen to agree, low carb and high protein and veggies always causes me to loose weight drasticly. I know the workout seems pretty tedious but i think i’m going to try both and let you know my progress and journey to becoming healthy and lean. I will experiment on my family and let you know what happens !


  2. Jax says:


    My post has moved from primalcut.wordpress.com to christianjax.ca

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