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Schneider Country Naturals Wieners are gluten free « Gluten Free Ottawa

It’s amazing that even the big corporations are slowly moving to Gluten Free products and yet the masses still don’t believe in the Gluten damaging conspiracy…

Did You Know These Products Are Gluten Free. Favourite List 1 Continue reading Schneider Country Naturals Wieners are gluten free

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So what about beer?  It’s fermented so the grains are no longer a problem, right? Continue reading

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Why you got fat and what to do about it?

This is one of my favourite articles, which is where I found the video above:

Q: Fine, but you still haven’t given me any reason to avoid grains and legumes other than their high carbohydrate content. Do you hate on grains and legumes just because they make you fat? Continue reading

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The Argument Against Cereal Grains


Barley (Photo credit: freefotouk)

I’ve been meaning to write a post on how gluten grains are a suboptimal source of nutrition in other than small amounts.   However, due to a busy schedule I thought I would at least repost one of Dr. Kurt Harris’s online papers with respect to this subject: 

“Cereal grains are seeds of monocot grasses that have been artificially selected by humans to serve as food. The ones that cause the most trouble, and constitute the biggest part of European and North American diets, are the gluten grains Wheat, Barley and Rye. Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Food

Plums that have been genetically engineered to...

Plums that have been genetically engineered to be resistant to the plum pox virus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here’s another article on Genetically Modified Food, this particular article was back in September of 2009 by David Suzuki and Faisal Moola:

The corn, developed by Monsanto with Dow AgroSciences, “stacks” eight genetically engineered traits, six that allow it to ward off insects and two to make it resistant to weed-killing chemicals, many of which are also trademarked by Monsanto. It’s the first time a genetically engineered (GE) product has been marketed with more than three traits. Continue reading

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The Paleo Food Pyramid

Here’s an excellent food pyramid created by Gillian Fritzsche, which covers a healthy diet:  Continue reading The Paleo Food Pyramid


Gluten-Free Bloggers List

Karina of the Gluten-Free Goddess Blog, has dedicated a page to collecting gluten-free Continue reading


Happy Steak & Pi Day

Happy March 14th

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is Steak & Pi day, because of the date’s representation as 3/14 in month/day date format.   Continue reading

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