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This years Top 10 Viewed Posts

copy-eyes2Before ChristianJax.ca turfs (resets) this years stats for readers most viewed posts and surfs into the new year, here is a list of 2012 most viewed posts:
  1. The Paleo Food Pyramid
  2. Hollywood on Paleo
  3. How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof…
  4. Ultimate Paleo Pad Thai
  5. How to be a Nutritarian!
  6. Honey, I have something for you to read…
  7. Ontario’s Grass-Fed Beef
  8. What is the Paleo Diet?
  9. Schneider Country Naturals Wieners are gluten free « Gluten Free Ottawa
  10. Robb Wolf on Paleo

I hope you get a chance to browse through this top 10 list and when I get a chance I will post the recipe for our Surf and Turf we had for our New Years Eve Dinner.

See you all in the New Year!!!


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Hollywood on Paleo

Look Who’s eating Paleo!  The following excerpt was taken from the Independent Woman website:

Actress Jessica Biel receives instructions on ...


To follow Jessica’s healthy-eating strategy, you are best sticking to a Palaeo diet, also known as Palaeolithic diet or caveman diet. It is all about natural foods to help achieve great health and a perfect physique.  Continue reading Hollywood on Paleo

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Benchmark Workouts


crossfitsucks (Photo credit: legdog)

This post is about standard workouts that can be used as comparisons from time to time to gauge your personal fitness improvements, but first we need to define what fitness is.   According to CrossFit.com within a hundred words fitness is:

Continue reading

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CrossFit Games Afghanistan 2010

Kandahar CrossFit Games,

So this is my buddy Mak during the games, click on the link below the picture to see more. On the site, I know I look like I’m having a stroke or something during the row. But what kicked my butt during this competition was the handstand push-ups. I’ll tell you I’ve gotten much better at them, not like Capt James Leslie there who can pump them off with ease.

CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games


Chris 🙂

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