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Paleo 2.0

The goal of this website isn’t to preach, but to raise discussions on what’s nutritionally good for your health – does it make the CUT or not? I also leave each post open for debate, thus giving the option of proving any data incorrect or if new data surfaces, leaving my compiled data no longer valid.

A perfect example is the article linked at the bottom of this post by Medical Doctor Kurt Harris who had this to say:

So “paleolithic nutrition” seemed like good shorthand for what we should be eating to avoid the diseases that came with civilization – the DOCs.

The problem came when I started to read what others before me were characterizing as key features of the “paleolithic diet”.

Some of these ideas -like avoiding eating wheat and other gluten grains – struck me as reasonable, but some were weakly supported, some were just silly, and some of them directly contradicted what I felt to be the most scientifically sound arguments.

Hominin ancestors ate only lean meats and little saturated fat

A paleolithic diet is characterized by plenty of cultivated nuts

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